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Garage Door Repair in Seattle

If any of the garage door components are not working properly it can cause damage in other areas. Cables are one of the most important parts of the garage door. There are two cables, one on each side. The cables hold the entire door in balance equally on both sides.

Unbalanced or broken cables can cause the garage door to stick or to come off the track and fall. Cables can fray or wear down after a period of time. Our technicians carry all the different cables sizes. We will make sure your cables are safe and correctly adjusted. Same day spring replacement.

Off track doors and broken openers can cause other problems as well. Orca technicians carry the tools and parts needed to fix most problems in one visit. This saves you time and money by getting your garage door back into smooth operation.

Garage Door Springs

Will replace broken garage door springs on most any garage door. If you have broken spring you cannot use or open the door, not with the motor and not manually. Otherwise the motor can be damaged and also the door.

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are an important part in keeping your home safe and secure. We will repair or replace most any type of opener. We also install a new garage door opener. We carry most brands and offer same day replacement.

Door Replacement

Many damaged garage doors can be replaced by section. We install most types of doors: steel doors, wood doors or aluminum/glass doors. You can look at the different styles of our garage doors.

♦ Lubrication: Lubricate the rollers every three months. This will reduce the strain on the motor and it will operate quieter. Make sure to use lithium spray or chain spray which can be found at a bicycle store.

♦ Sensors/safety eyes: If your garage door has problems closing, make sure the sensors are adjusted and pointing to each other. If it doesn't work, it could be an issue with the circuit/electronic board.

♦ Bolt adjustment: Once a year have the hinge bolts adjusted. The bolts get loose sometimes (especially on wooden garage doors) and it will effect the garage door movement.

♦ Balancing the garage door: Do this only when the garage door is closed. Pull/release the emergency cable on the garage door opener. This will disconnect the door from the motor, and let you operate the door manually. Slowly lift the door and feel the weigh of the door.

A balanced garage door (even a heavy wooden door) should feel light and be very easy to lift. That way anyone can lift the door during a power outage or in case of an emergency. The door is not supposed to drop by itself, and it needs to stay open in middle position without any help. Otherwise it is not balanced and can be dangerous to use, and will cause your motor to work harder than it should.

Garage door opens by itself: There are frequency issues around you. This is more common around airports and radio stations. It could also be from a nearby electronic device. Some garage door openers work on low frequency. Receivers will usually solve the problem by letting the opener work on a higher frequency. Or it may be an issue with the motor's logic board.

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